The Private Tutoring Market in China is BIG

According to a recent research report by the China Education Association, after-school tutoring is the largest segment of the non-formal education market in China, totalling revenues of $116 Billion USD in 2016. In that year, upwards of 8 million private tutors and 137 million students participated in after-school teaching. 

But… There Are Issues! 

The K-12 private tutoring industry is fragmented into a multitude of individuals, as well as small and medium sized businesses, competing fiercely for market share. This competition and the lack of standardization has led to parental concerns regarding tutor qualifications and a dissatisfaction with high instructor turnover rates.    

We Are Setting the Standard 

The UMTang solution is designed not only to address these common issues facing the private tutoring business, but also to offer many unique features not provided by these traditional tutoring enterprises. The Company ensures that each UMTang tutor possess a valid government issued teaching license. This assures parents that UMTang tutors have the content knowledge and communication skills to effectively mentor their children. Other unique features include weekly assessments via UMFun, on-demand student progress reports and additional proprietary curricula such as design thinking, STEM, painting & computer coding course work. UMTang tutors not only guide students towards academic excellence, but also provide additional interdisciplinary learning skills, enabling UMTang students to develop the necessary knowledge to excel in a post-secondary curriculum.  

Why Partnering with UMTang?

The main incentive for tutors to join UMTang is that they keep 80% of the facility’s gross revenue and are not burdened with the task of soliciting students for enrolment, enabling them to focus exclusively on teaching. In addition, they gain access to the Company’s educational resources, academic network, and advanced technology, enabling them to offer value-added courses to their students to earn extra income.