China's "Education Digitization" Opportunity

In 2012, the China Ministry of Education launched its "Education Digitization Initiative." By 2020, all K-12 schools in China are mandated to have access to broadband internet, In-class multi-media devices and systems and a safe, ecologically "green" and a digitally integrated learning environment. All students are to have access to individualized internet-based learning services, regardless of their location in the entire country.

The Digital Transformation Challenge

Currently available educational tools are generally outdated, unintuitive for users and insufficient to meet the needs of the "Education Digitization Initiative". The challenge that UEXiao meets is the design of a new, integrated set of tools that can manage, translate and deliver data to educators and end users in a manner that is understandable and actionable, while at the same time maintaining security and privacy. It is a permission-based education platform designed to allow administrators, teachers, parents and students instant access to their relevant data through in-depth reporting tools and special features that enable at-a-glance status reports and assessments.

School Districts: It is time to get digitized

UEXiao is an integrated, cloud-based, SaaS, all-in-one solution that allows administrators, teachers, and parents real-time access to the student information that they need from a single, centralized and secure location. It enables an environment that fosters the implementation of personalized learning programs for each student in individual school districts, on a massive scale that was previously unthinkable. Working with school districts and their teachers, UEXiao's all-in-one solution is helping educators to create a one-on-one learning experience for each student, personalized instruction that once seemed unachievable.