Contributing to China's K12 Digital Transformation

Working together with China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone operator by subscriber base, we are leveling the playing field for education, by giving every Chinese K-12 student, all 210,000,000 of them whether in Beijing or the most remote mountainous village in Guizhou Province, access to effective, affordable and engaging learning tools.


UMFun is China's first K-12 adaptive learning and assessment platform that is proven to accelerate student learning in a fun and engaging manner.

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UMTang is an “Uber-like” tutoring platform, that matches qualified tutors with K-12 students. Unlike other online learning platforms, a qualified tutor can only join UMTang if their learning facility is physically located within walking distance of a community K-12 school. Each UMTang location typically services six to eight K-12 students, and utilizes the Company’s proprietary online tools and courseware to ensure teaching excellence.

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UEXiao is China's first all-in-one K-12 education platform which seamlessly combining essential K-12 analysis tools that are typically accessed separately - student information systems (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), formative assessments, curriculum management and more - all in one integrated solution supporting the Ministry of Education's K-12 target of universal Educational Digitization in China by 2020.

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17Speech helps Chinese students prepare more effectively for and improve scores on the SAT and ACT, key determining factors in the fiercely competitive college admissions process. It also provides Personalized and interactive spoken English training that focuses on pronunciation, prosody, fluency and grammar.

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